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What is Sooke Living?

Life As You Imagined It Could Be.

Sense of community. Safety. A feeling of living your dream. This is Sooke Living.

Living in Sooke means that you are just the right distance from the bustle of the city. Living away from the city also means that you get so much more for your money: more space, more nature, more of the kind of life you want.

Look around Sooke, and notice the happy bustle of people, both old timers and newcomers alike, who love where they live, and are connected to those in the community. Sooke living means knowing your neighbours, looking out for one another, and living in harmony with your surroundings. The very best communities also have a sense of existing in harmony with their surroundings, bringing a sense of those surroundings into the heart of each home.

This is what your new seaside townhome at Heron View offers. Heron View represents Sooke living at its very best.